Smartcare™ Trim Fit Twill Dress Shirt Nordstrom review

PLEASE start making the shirt longer. If shirt were longer it would stay tucked in It would be a 5 star, but this is a head scratcher by mfg/designer of shirt Great shirt. Nice looking. 100 percent cotton so it’s soft and comfortable but it comes out of the dryer looking fabulous so NO ironing. hair envelope clutch #86182 ragamp … Continua a leggere

Smartcare™ Wrinkle Free Traditional Fit Herringbone Dress Shirt Nordstrom review

This Nordstrom Herringbone Dress Shirt is the best shirt on the market. Because it is the Smartcare series it provides wrinkle free traditional fitting quality while it gives you a distinguished look of class. I am very pleased with this shirt and it will not be the last one that I buy. The material in this Smartcare Wrinkle Free Traditional … Continua a leggere

Royal Oxford Regular Fit Dress Shirt David Donahue review

While most shirt manufacturers have skimped on quality and/or raised prices drastically over the past few years, DD’s shirts get better while prices remain fairly constant. DD’s shirts give you the perfect balance of luxury without sacrificing sturdiness for ‘everyday’ use. Great, textured, soft oxford cloth with great classic (but not too boxy) fit. Bought in white and blue. Just … Continua a leggere

Smartcare™ Wrinkle Free Traditional Fit Pinpoint Dress Shirt Nordstrom review

While I frequently struggle finding tall man’s dress shirts, this Nordstrom Smartcare wrinkle free traditional pinpoint dress shirt fits great. Easy to care for and comfortable, I will be adding more to my wardrobe. I was trying to find a specific color and the lady who answered my call was fantastic! I wish I would have gotten her name but … Continua a leggere

‘Trust Your Thinstincts’ High Waist Shaper SPANX® review

I absolutely was so lucky to find these on sale but totally would have purchased them for the full price if they weren’t. The material of these spanx are amazing! Breathable, comfortable and has just enough stretch to get them on and off with little difficulty. The only reason why I rated them a 4 star is that they run … Continua a leggere